Become a part the wider SRC community at Brown!

SRC Discussion Group

The SRC Discussion Group is intended as a space for all students who want to engage with all aspects of responsible computing. Week by week, we'll take a dive into the social impacts of technology and the practice of responsible computing through a variety of approaches: theoretical, philosophical, technical, historical and practical. In some of the sessions, we'll have members of the wider SRC community at Brown share their work, ideas, or SRC-related experiences, while in others we'll talk about SRC-related current affairs, or focus on discussing topical articles or papers.

We usually meet every two weeks on Thursday 12-12:50pm in CIT 368. We'll get lunch for some of the sessions, but feel free to bring your own lunch.

The SRC Discussion Group is open to everyone. You don't have to be a CS concentrator, current or former STA. We welcome everyone who's interested in learning more about and engaging with responsible computing in all shapes and forms. If you'd like to join the SRC community and talk to others who share your interest in this area, come along!

If you would like to be notified about upcoming sessions, simply send an email with the subject line ‘JOIN SRC discussion group’ to the Head-STAs or to Julia Nettter. If you'd like to suggest a topic, speaker, or would like to share your own ideas and insights with the group, feel free to get in touch as well. This is a community-based discussion group, so we welcome your contributions!

SRC Slack

If you would like to meet fellow students who are enthusiastic about discussing the ethics and social impact of CS and digital technology and keep up to date with SRC-related events at Brown and beyond, join our SRC community Slack. It is open to everyone. Again, email the HSTAs or Julia to sign up.