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Reading Group

A.R.G.@Brown is a reading group at Brown that meets bi-weekly. Its readings are designed to help think through the technical, theoretical, and historical content of computers, with a particular focus on computer science pedagogy and work at Brown University.

Sessions will typically pair a “technical” text (sourced from computer science or a related STEM discipline) with a “theoretical” text (sourced from philosophy, media studies, cultural studies, or a related humanities discipline). This interdisciplinary pairing is an invitation for folks who identify with the logics and patterns of either text to: help detail the mode of thinking in one’s own discipline for others who are less familiar and to learn more about those in less familiar disciplines. Someone comfortable with the disciplinary footing of either text will present it to kick off a discussion, making this one of those happy reading groups where coming along will be an enlightening experience, whether you’ve read both, one or none of the texts. (Of course, the most enlightened will be those with the most voracious appetites.)

The reading group is open to all. To join the list, please send an email with the subject line ‘JOIN’ to brown at argnotes dot club.

SRC Slack

If you would like to meet fellow students who are enthusiastic about discussing the ethics and social impact of CS and digital technology and keep up to date with SRC-related events at Brown and beyond, join our SRC community Slack. It is open to everyone. Email the HSTAs or Julia to sign up.